Essay about Should College Degree Be A College?

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There is a common belief that to be successful in life one must receive a college education. Simply earning a college degree brings you closer to obtaining the American Dream. And the more higher education one acquires, the further a head they will be amongst other individuals in society. Such way of thinking usually develops around the time students are in grade school; it is an ideal upheld by the students’ parents, taught by their teachers and promoted by other authorities and institutions surrounding them. Perhaps the most popular explanation for the push to earn a college degree is that it’ll provide you with a high paying career. The American society thrives off of this way of thinking; to be an entrepreneur you need a business degree or a degree in English to be the next best-selling author. However, while there have been the rare success stories of college drop-outs who have gone on to revolutionize the latest tech companies, such reports barely penetrate the core notion still prevalent today – that only a college degree will inevitably lead to a successful career.
While Americans have adopted such thinking and believe it to still be true, it is imperative to explore if this is an idea that may still be supported. As time and society constantly change, it is crucial to answer the ultimate question if attending college is in fact, a good “investment.” Based on the findings from past scholarly articles and current data, I will be arguing through the perspective that…

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