Should College Be A College? Essay

1089 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
One specific thing I think a college should look for when searching for that right student to attend their college is the ability to adapt to change, the discipline and work ethic, and being involved in many activities. If you were to choose me for your college I guarantee that I have all those qualifications. Coming from a family where I would be the first to attend college it has always been a huge priority for my future. I really want to strive to better not only my future, but with the career I choose to better others lives as well. I have every intention of striving to do the best I possibly can at your college. I have wanted to go to college ever since I was in sixth grade I have always told myself that I will always have college in my future no matter what the situation. Getting closer to the day I actually choose the college I have realized that its a lot harder than it looks to make a definite decision, but when you are choosing the right student I will guarantee that I have what it takes to be a successful student at your college.

I have got to experience some very interesting things in my life but, I think the most important thing that has made me who I am today is that I have moved multiple times. Being from a family where your father has worked in the oil field you tend to move around a lot due to transfers. My first move was when I was in second grade I was mortified at first, but then after sixth grade things started to get easier when making friends.…

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