Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

1038 Words Mar 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Athletes that are participating in NCAA sports already receive enough money through scholarships and other types of indirect payment. Why should they be paid a salary for their athletic abilities? These athletes receive many types of indirect payment from the school when they are enrolled in school and playing a sport there. They receive scholarships that pay for parts of their tuition; that covers a very expensive part of college. Athletes also receive free room and board from the school. This covers a very stressful and expensive part of enrolling in college. In addition to that, some of these athletes are receiving a prepaid meal plan that will provide them with food when they are enrolled in the college. They won’t have to pay for their main source of food throughout college. Despite the belief that NCAA athletes should be paid, they don’t need to receive direct payment from their respective college because they are receiving indirect payment through scholarships that cover tuition, free room and board, and pre-paid meal plans.
Division 1 college athletes should not be paid for their athletic ability because they are receiving money through scholarships to receive an education. Most athletes that play at the division one level are receiving some amount of a scholarship whether that be 100% or anywhere below that. The better players will receive more scholarship money compared to the less talented players. If the athlete were to get paid, that is how it would work. The…

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