Should Child Soldiers Be Granted Amnesty Essay

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I believe that child soldiers are victims forced to be perpetrators. I say this because they are taken into war against their will, but then they commit many horrendous acts of killing and slaughter, which fills the perpetrator definition of someone who commits a crime. Some child soldiers are taken by government off of camps and forced into war, and if they try to leave they are shot down. In this situation, the soldiers are forced into combat and should be granted amnesty, but I believe that overall, child soldiers should only be granted amnesty if the prosecutors are certain the decision to go to war for these young soldiers was not their own.

On one hand, child soldiers are victims and deserve amnesty. Many of these soldiers are forced into war, pulled off the streets or their loving households and forced into a war they don’t want to fight or don't understand the full implications of their actions. Some soldiers are given narcotics to cloud their judgment and make them more agreeable to the directions their commander gives them. In these cases, where the children join
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Can you imagine being a relative or close friend of one of the 5 killed by the soldier, mourning over the loss, and then seeing the killer walking around, free to do whatever he or she pleases and punishment-free? I don’t think I would treat them differently just because they were at one time forced into combat, or because they are younger. Since they aren't enlisted in the army, shouldn't they be charged with the same punishment as a juvenile delinquent who kills someone? Why should they be granted amnesty? So I have tweaked my statement to this: A child soldier should not be granted amnesty unless the prosecutor is absolutely certain they were under the influence: otherwise, they deserve the

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