Should Cheating Be Blamed On All Of Us? Essay

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The last reason students have for cheating is something that can be blamed on all of us. The reason? It is what they learned. Students learn from their peers, their parents and the world around them. Take the case of Jason Blair, a New York Times reporter caught plagiarizing. Not only did this this reporter steal around three dozen articles he also falsified testimonies and created false scenes. Another example many are familiar with is Watergate, this scandal showed students that even the leadership of the country uses less than savory methods in order to beat their competition. And what happened to Nixon? He got a presidential pardon. So, is that what we are going to be teaching? Do whatever you want, the people in charge cheat. These all happened in the past. Society have grown passed, that, right? Nah, this still happens. Remember “Deflategate”? Yeah, this kind of thing still happens.
The reasons students can have for cheating are as colorful as the rainbow. All of them have one main purpose however, to deceive their instructor into thinking they did better than they did. The three main reason report here were graduation, if the students don’t pass they wasted around years and lots of money, it is a pretty big incentive if you don’t know how to write; Another is that students simply are not able to do the assignment, not knowing what you’re doing wrong leads students to believe that they’re not cut out for the class and cheat to get a head; there are also a few more…

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