Essay about Should Animals Be Imprisoned Against Their Will?

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Imprisoned against their will Imagine a child being torn away from their family, home, and the life that they have always known. Picture them being shoved in a cage that was too small. Being beaten, terrorized, sliced open, and injected with chemicals they could not pronounce. Forced to obey and perform for the very kind that put them in that cage. They wait day by day hoping that somehow they will make it out and be free like they once were. Until they suddenly realize that their mind is slowly slipping away from them, piece by piece. Like a dandelion blown in the wind, where all the seeds drift off slowly into an abyss never to be seen again. And they are powerless to stop it. Animals should not be held in captivity because it is inhumane, their rights are being ignored, and they do not live normal lives. Keeping animals in captivity is an inhumane act that many people try to justify. Millions of these animals are locked away and used as test subjects for experimentation. Studies have shown that, many animals that are used in testing, experience emotions such as; joy, love, pain, and fear. Emotions that all humans experience. For instance, "Chimpanzees are highly intelligent, emotionally, socially complex great apes that are very evolutionarily and genetically similar to human beings," (Lee 9). Chimpanzees suffer from severe side effects due to being tested on, such as; “severe anxiety, depression, hair loss…

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