Summary Of Slavery In Captive Kin By Lori Gruen

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Lori Gruen 's "Captive Kin" takes a look at what it must be like to be held captive. She asks the reader to examine whether imprisoning apes or humans does harm to them even though they may deserve captivity as a punishment. She goes on to explore whether animals engage in autonomous behaviors, not by verbalization, but by non-language behaviors. Lastly the author brings to light the need to hold some animals’ captive due to the moral implications of releasing them back to the wild.
In “Captive Kin” Gruen give us a glimpse of the fear that can arise just watching a move. It is thru the imagination that the author first asks the reader to imagine what it must be like to not only be imprisoned but to be treated less than human She said “I think
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In the essay she states, “Caesar knew that captivity wasn’t for him, even thought he had never experienced anything else. When he saw a dog on a leash in a park he signed to Will asking if he was a pet and it was clear that he didn’t want to be thought of that way, he didn’t want to be confined and controlled.” (171) In the end Caesar is able to reason out in his mind that he didn’t want to be caged or held captive and finally leaves his home.
She goes on to then tell us that,” Caesar’s escaping from the holding facility was an exercise in autonomy. “Autonomous action is not just doing what you want to do…” Gruen goes on to say that being autonomous shows a purposeful thought process which most animals are not thought to possess. Caesar had been altered therefore he was able to reason things out, thus he used autonomous action.
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I would have to add to this the issue, of domesticating other animals just because we humans find them cute. Morally I believe that humans do have a responsibility to consider further if these types of conditions for animals is proper. I don’t feel that humans have a right to take any animal away from its habitat for personal entertainment. On YouTube you can find a number of videos that show the little spider monkeys and although I do have to say they are very cute, they do not belong in cages in a home with little diapers so they don’t soil the house. For me this is no different than the caged

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