Anthem And Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Radical Movement through Revolt
In Anthem and Fahrenheit 451, two characters have their intelligence confined, become rebellious, and they are derided from society. Anthem is confined with the past and evolving towards the very last creation to keep themselves from being destroyed again. Anthem comparison and contrast to Fahrenheit 451, is a society where the people are driven towards the advancement of technology while destroying the knowledge that created it. Each book keeps their society intact by diminishing certain criterias of knowledge. Each society is scared of change, and for everyone to do something for their own sake.
In comparison of ,Equality 7-2521 in Anthem and Montag in Fahrenheit 451, they are both stripped away from their freedom and become an outcast of their society. Montag and Equality 7-2521 take sense that everything is corrupted to the very roots. Revolting against their government; they run away, and discovers they are not
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Both character 's society is monitored by a government who controls the way a person thinks, learn, and gain self-interest is destined to be changed. Humanity in a totalitarian and collectivist government that does not allow personal creation of thoughts leads to the destruction of a downfall; A downfall of not moving into an equal position for all of society. The courage to take a stance to free knowledge in captive is to recreate the works of the old.

Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 is modernized through control, and the bravery of two characters merged themselves to see the truth; the truth that society is corrupted to the roots. The characters, Montage and Equality 7-2521, become independent and break the rules of boundaries. Montage and Equality 7-2521 escape the glue of society, and grasp a new concept of creating a new one. A new society where “I” is used and knowledge can be read from

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