Should Alcohol Be Banned?

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There is a lot of controversy about the topic alcohol itself. Should it be restricted? When people hear about the word alcohol, they think about parties, getting drunk, or as a teenager would say, getting “turnt”. But what if you ask teenagers, what are their thoughts about alcohol, their simple answer might just be, “it’s GREAT” or useful, or as an alcoholic would say, my life. If you asked the same audience what are their thoughts about alcohol abuse or drunk driving accidents, they might just simple deny of ever happening to themselves. Most of them would refuse doing such simpleminded thing when being drunk, but 90% of the population who drink would regret their mistakes they had done the previous day. What are some ways that the government …show more content…
When artists advertise drinks, it is expected to be sold more than the usual bottles of alcoholic beverages. In the paragraph above, it shows how much ethanol an advertisement drink has compared to a normal bottle of beer. One of the most questions people ask is, “should I consume alcohol or not?”. This question can be answered several ways. In religious terms, alcohol is not permitted or allowed by the members. Alcohol can be consumed, yet there is a limit to it. In the U.S grounds, drunk driving is illegal, yet if people are caught with a ____________________________________ there are circumstances/risks such as being jailed until a guardian or parent bail the individual …show more content…
Small portions of alcohol can make your body feel less stressed, anxious or change your mood if that’s the case. Alcohol is a beverage that can be consumed in some special cases. It is not an escape from problems such as minor abuse, family divorce, death, etc., nor a type of lifestyle you should adopt or let it take over your life. Before consuming alcohol you should ask yourself these questions: am I a minor?
To get better results I created an alcohol questionnaire, “Alcohol, or a lifestyle”, which focuses on underage drinking and asks questions related to consuming ethanol. There are about 5,000 students in Brockton High School (BHS), although unfortunately I could only get a portion of the numbers, and try to find average results on how many teenagers drink and why do

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