Should Drinking Age Be Lowered Essay

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Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered?
Eighteen, that magical age, everyone has dreamed about turning. The number eighteen is significant in America because it is when teenagers are finally given the chance to show the world they’re responsible young adults. This group is no longer viewed as children in America, but as young adults who can experience the same rights and privileges as other adults. As society keeps growing and changing, the discussion to keep the drinking age at twenty-one or to change it back to eighteen, has always been a spilt-decision creating such a debate. It is often argued that those who are eighteen can purchase cigarettes and firearms, fight and die in wars, and even get married; but on the other hand, cannot purchase alcohol. Why is alcohol deemed a
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If society trust them to vote, fight in wars, and what ever else, then it is only right that this group be allowed to drink at 18. It is important that Americans address their concerns and take a lesson from countries around the globe such as, European countries, where the drinking age is mainly eighteen and the system is doing well. According to the World Health Organization, in Europe one out of ten drinking occasions results in intoxication. On the other hand, when compared to the United States, the numbers rose to five out of ten. Of course, rising the drinking age from eighteen to twenty one may have had some minor successes, like getting fewer young people to drink, but it has also resulted in dangerous behaviors. In my opinion, lowering the drinking age to eighteen is not going to increase or decrease the amount of alcohol an under age American drinks; however, it may save a life by encouraging safer drinking habits. Changing the drinking age will not be easy but by writing your congressmen and expressing your concern it is a

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