Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Abortion is always a contentious debate. The question is whether it should be illegal or not. As of now, it is legal, and the choice of whether to abort the child is the mother’s choice. There are many reasons that I would like to introduce as to why abortion should be illegal. The baby can’t make their decision on whether they want to live or not; therefore, it is based on the choice of the mother.
The child that is sacrificed because of the choices made by the adults is an innocent child. They now have no voice in the government. They cannot have their own family and be happy. They cannot even have feelings in life. Everything is taken away from them. Not even alive twelve weeks in the womb before being aborted, and the child’s life is cut short.
There are two different ways that abortion can happen. A medication abortion can be induced up until ten weeks of pregnancy. The mother will be administered medicine that will eventually kill the fetus. There is also aspiration abortion, which is where the doctor performs a surgical procedure to end the life of the fetus.
As said before, everyone deserves the right to life and the right to happiness. Even if some may think that their opinions should decide whether they want to have the baby or not, it truly comes down to what is right in our government. To many, abortion is murder. Murder is a huge crime within the government and can be sentenced up to life. Murder is simply killing somebody who did not want to be killed. They…

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