Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

1403 Words Jan 27th, 2015 6 Pages
Although abortion is ending a human life before it had a chance to start and should require extremely heavy measures to ensure that only those who need one receive one, 1.06 million were carried out in America alone in 2011. The American government is extremely lax on this issue, and millions of lives are being extinguished because of it. For one thing, a woman would have more trouble buying a gun then receiving an abortion. On top of this, doctor’s have a sworn oath to protect human life. The law even contradicts itself with the subject of abortion. Above all, on an ethical level, ending one’s life for the convenience of another is unfair to the one that’s life is at stake. Abortion has minimal regulation and the government needs to set laws to protect the unborn children who can’t protect itself.

Current laws in our country allow a person to receive an abortion with greater ease then it would be to purchase a firearm. In Illinois, in order to purchase a firearm, one must be older than 18 years old, have a FOID card, and be subject to a background check. The government set these standards to ensure that weapons fall in the hands of responsible citizens who will use them in their intended purpose. These regulations were enacted to lower gun crimes and fatalities in a country where the percentage of gun violence is very low compared to the number of gun owners. With an abortion however, a woman needs no license, no checks of any kind, and if under 18, she doesn’t…

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