Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Abortion Rights Life can be describe as one of the best gifts given to someone. Fortunately, everyday people are blessed to see new life created and others living their own. One prime right every human has is a choice. Abortion is one dilemma that challenges this right. The right of women to have an abortion in the United States has both supporters and opponents. Abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy before birth occurs. It can be achieved in several ways including a surgical procedure or through medications. Abortions done later in the pregnancy are often done in hospitals or specialized clinics. Also, the type of abortion a women gets relies on the woman’s choice, health status, and how far along the woman is into the pregnancy (Alters 1). Since 2010, the United States has passed 283 laws regulating abortions (Pollitt 1). Specific restrictions include having the abortion performed by a licensed physician, public funding rules, and parental involvement if the woman is still a minor (Guttmacher). Pro-life citizens believe that a fetus has the right to life and that ending a pre-born baby’s life is killing another human being (Alters 9). Carolyn C. Gargaro argues this point in the article “Abortion Violates Human Rights.” Since abortion 's legalization, more than 30 million abortions have been performed in the United States (Gargaro 37). Pro-life followers think that life begins at conception, not at birth (Gargaro 38). Although there are problems to what is believed…

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