Should Abortion Be Illegal

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Abortion is a topic that always popular and has a lot of controversial in this society. Many people believe that abortion should be legally and others believe it should be illegally. In the United States it is legal to abortion until the day of the childbirth. According to the Supreme Court of U.S., Roe V. Wade had made abortion legal in the U.S. in the 1973. Therefore, I believe that abortion should be illegal not only in the United States but around the world. Abortion should be illegal based on this four main reasons: murder, health harming, reduce the number of adoption, and affect later pregnancy.
First, abortion can affect later on pregnancy in women. Abortion does not cause any damage to fertility but it can increase the risk of preterm
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The number of chemical abortion patients was 15,890 but there were 2,517 patients missing from the data base on an article of Planned Parenthood. Estimate about 2,470 never returned back to the hospital for follow up visit and around 27 patients were changed their mind and did not complete their chemical abortion process. Even though the patients does stop the process in the middle, it still can damage the babies, and sometime babies can’t survive. However, I do think abortion is murder also, some people might think that abortion is not murder because the fetus attached to the mother, if the mother is in danger the fetus also in danger too and the mother can have the choice of keeping it or get rid of it. Also, if the mother die the fetus also die and if the mother is in life danger the fetus also too. This is not true because when a women choose to abort their child, abort the fetus it mean she doing it on purpose, not accidently they are …show more content…
It’s not only affect physical but also mentally. Abortion can increases the risk of future preterm birth because when women takes too much medical abortion it can threatens the health and the live of the newborn child. Not only the preterm birth but it also give women breast cancer. Women who want to take the medical abortion, they usually take it in the 70 days or the 10 weeks after their last period. The name for abortion pill is Mifeprex or Buccal Misoprostol. According to Foods and Drug Administration since the medicine got approved there are at least 14 women who had died and thousands of other have suffered for significant or complicate because of taking the mifeprex and misoprostol for abortion. Also women that repeated doses of misoprostol might get the “aspiration for symptoms” or “aspiration for ongoing pregnancy”. For example, according to Counting Complications from Planned Parenthood Study, there were six patients with infections and needed transfusions. Four of the women get to go to the hospital for the transfusions after taking the drug. Moreover, there are 237 women ended up having the aspiration for symptoms. This symptoms included pain or

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