Essay about Should Abortion Be Allowed?

973 Words Nov 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The big question is should we allow women to terminate their pregnancy and get an abortion? The answer is yes it should be allowed, because women have their reasonings for terminating the pregnancy (ranging from pregnancy by rape to not being able to support themselves and a child). It can be a controversial topic when it comes to when the woman wants to have the abortion, because when the woman reaches the 3rd week of her pregnancy the fetus begins developing and can feel what is being done to them. People believe that this is why they should ban abortion, but that’s not the case. Some women won’t know that they’re pregnant until after the 3 week mark and when they start suffering from pregnancy tendencies and habits. So banning abortion for the women that want to get the abortion before the 3 week mark and after the 3 week mark is taking away the woman’s freedom to make that choice. This also means that when women realize they’re pregnant and the life of the baby wouldn’t be the best it could have they wouldn’t be able to stop the baby from suffering because of the ban on abortion. This is why I believe that abortion should be allowed, because women should be allowed to make that decisions.

The main issue with banning abortion is taking away women’s rights, because they should be able to decide what they do with their body, since it is their body and not anyone else’s. No one should decide what she does with her body other than herself. Like Margaret Sanger said, “No…

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