Essay Short Writing : The Writing Process

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Short Writing: The Writing Process As a student progresses through his or her career as a college student, he or she will encounter many different types of professors. Each of them with their own style of teaching methods used to engage the students, provoking them to take their studies seriously. In her article, “Education and Consumerism: Using Students’ Assumptions to Challenge Their Thinking”, Deborah Miller Fox attempts to employ her students by, metaphorically, comparing their college experience to consumerism. Some may not understand, but it is effective because it provides the student with the ability to view the teacher-student relationship from a different angle, and forces students to realize the importance of their role in their success. Fox presents her students with a description of the teacher-student relationship that several may not have even fathomed to contemplate. She introduces the student as a consumer, forcing them to look beyond themselves sitting in a classroom, listening to a lecture. She presents the teacher as a manufacturer, which produces the product of knowledge. It forces them to think that the quality of knowledge that they obtain depends on the time and effort that they are willing to expend. She creates that the notion that the students should not expect to gain any more than what they are willing to give.
With this, she creates a desire to succeed within her students. She provides them with a metaphorical analogy that will remain with…

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