Essay on Short Term 12 By Destin Cretton

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The movie Short Term 12 by Destin Cretton is an excellent American fictional piece of work featuring an outstanding performance by one of the best actresses, Brie Larson. In the film, she takes the character of Grace who is a counselor at a facility for children that have experienced some form of abuse. The kids seem quite unstable, and every day Grace takes a ride to work on a bicycle and on her arrival she embarks on her job of helping the young kids in managing their psychological issues. Some of the children have a negative attitude, and it is quite difficult for her to convince them to accept their problem "Your attitude is not helping either one of us” Grace says to one of the teens in a scene. The movie is an inspiration considering the actions of characters and their great determination to help the kids.
Short Term 12 shows the virtues of a good therapist who tries very hard to give hope to traumatized children. The work has developed the character of Grace to portray the importance of helping children in need instead of abandoning them to suffer or engage in criminal activities. Grace possesses enough empathy that she helps children to accept their problems and move on with life. However, she may be too empathetic since when she goes to her boyfriend 's home played by John Gallagher Jr. who is a fellow counselor named Mason, she shows regressive characteristics. When dealing with the children she is strong and serves as the best teacher, but in her boyfriend 's…

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