Flowers In The Attic Analysis

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Content Analysis of a Movie
The movie I choose was Flowers in the Attic, by V.C Andrews (2014). The whole ordeal with Flowers in the Attic retakes the abuse of a grandmother that punishes her daughter for marrying and having children by her uncle. So, the daughter was cut out of her fathers will for marring her uncle. The daughter moves back home after the sudden death of her husband. After that the daughter takes the abuse or punishment from her mother from what she did years ago. The grandmother emotionally and physically starts to abuse the mother and children. The grandmother keeps the children locked up in a room because of the incest and the disgrace her daughter had done to their family.
What family violence in the film is that it betrays emotional and physical abuse, incest,
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Psychiatric model tries to understand family violence by analyzing the offender’s personality traits and mental status (Wallace & Robertson, 2014). This model in the film shows the mental illness which both grandmother and mother show as a result to aggressive behaviors towards the children. Social psychological shows factors such as stress and family structure, transmissions of violence, family interactions which are concerned primary causes of family violence (Wallace & Robertson, 2014). In the film the factors of social psychological that the only family structure was older girl and older boy who showed any kind of family structure in which the interactions with the grandmother and mother there was transmissions of violence and aggressive behaviors. Social cultural shows how violence is examined in part of being socially structured on the roles of men and women and how violence is accepted by family violence. So, social cultural in the film showed the role of the children’s mother who accepted family violence by her mother and it contained to her

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