Short Story: Sela, Where Are You?

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“Sela, where are you?” My mother’s voice frantic. I stood perfectly still in my shadow trying to hold back the giggles. “Sela please come out, this is not funny.” When I noticed that mom had started to cry I felt guilty of my prank. “Mommy” I yelled as I stepped out of the white shadow. “Sela, where were you?” She said as she grabbed hold of me and hugged me close to her chest. “Mommy I can’t breath.” I squeaked as I tried to wiggle my way out of her grasp. All of sudden her relief turned into anger. She grasped my thin shoulders in her strong hands and shook me. She started crying again, this time out of frustration. “Don’t you ever do that again, do you hear me?” Her voice stern. When I started weeping her expression softened and she hugged me again, this …show more content…
The moment I reached his arms, he would scoop me up twirling me around in the air. This is always my favorite part, I pretend like I am flying with the wind streaming through my hair. “ How’s my baby girl today?” He asked in his baritone voice. Before I could answer, my mother’s voice came from the open doorway behind me. “ Orus we need to talk.” “ Uh oh, not so good I take it.” My dad said quietly to me with a twinkle in his eye. He sent me down and we walked inside hand-in-hand. “Sela please go to your room while your father and I talk.” “Yes mommy.” I ran to my room and closed the door again disappointed in myself for my trick earlier, I never want to disappoint daddy. They talked in the kitchen while mother prepared dinner. I could hear her crying while she chopped vegetables. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, I never could. Even when I was naughty they always calmly talked it over. But this time was different, five minutes into playing in my room, I heard my mommy’s raised voice. “ But it’s not normal!” then my daddy’s “Hush don’t say that.” then the voices went back down to a distant murmur. “What’s not normal?” I

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