Short Story: Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers

After they finished washing clothes and had supper started, Nancy saw Charity fingering the pages of the tablet the census taker had given her.
“If you’d like, we can start doing some lessons each day,” said Nancy.
“Oh, yes ma 'am,” exclaimed Charity, “I would like that very much.” Nancy could see that Charity was going to be an eager student, and as quick witted as she was, she should be a good one.
She was right. Charity took to schooling, like a duck to June bug; she soaked up learning, like a sponge. Within a week, she knew her numbers to one hundred, and with the help of Nancy and Henry, She was learning the alphabet, and how to write her name. Charity was determined to learn to read and write words, like the ones
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And, that he was accepted as a friend to the Indian on a probationary basis. Her father, the Chief, said that the young Frenchman would have to prove his character as a human being, before having the honor of being a friend, to Shadowy Moon 's father and the Indian peoples. When Charity could see that Nancy, Henry, and Eli all wanted to hear the story, she channeled her grandmother’s spirit and stood up in front of the table to begin. At first, she was a little nervous, but their ‘anxious to hear the story’ faces, gave her confidence the boost she needed to begin.
“This is the story Nokomis told me about Blood Brothers -
“One day, many years ago, while out hunting for meat to feed the tribe, her brother,” (who Charity now knew was Tokola) “and my grandfather, the young Frenchman, had gone miles away from camp, trailing a deer. Nokomis said that it was a lean year because the previous winter had been very cold. Tokola and the Frenchman knew if they could catch up to the deer, and then kill it, that it would feed the entire tribe for several days.
“After trailing the deer for over a day, they had gotten far away and low into the swamplands. By then, the cold winds of winter had begun to blow. Thinking the deer might be joining others of its kind, to winter in the swamps, they continued to trail it. They were walking down a rise above a creek bank, when
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He soon had all he needed, to provide light and warmth, in the belly of the earth. He tied together all the vines; then he tied one end to a tree and dropped the other, along with all the small limbs and twigs he’d gathered, into the opening and climbed down into the earth’s belly. He started a fire, using his flint rocks and dried moss; then, placed the small twigs and branches on it to keep it burning. Once the fire was built, he could see that his friend was greatly injured. Tokola’s hip was broken, the thigh bone snapped into like one of the little twigs; but, grandfather feared not the broken bones, he knew what he must do. He knew what herbs he needed to ease Tokola 's pain.” Charity paused, looking at their faces. Each seemed to be engrossed in her

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