Examples Of Narrative Essay About Graduation

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Ariel’s POV

FUCK YEAH!! It’s the last day for classes then all next week we practice our graduation ceremony 2 hrs out of each day until... OUR GRADUATIOOOOOON!!!! I’m so excited to finally get out of this Hellhole. But before that we have to start the last day…

I wake up my queen bed and look at beautiful sunrise mural that I painted myself. It took forever but I managed, after I stare at it for a minute my alarm goes off and I check my phone it read 6:00 am, “Woke up before my first alarm? I must be excited.” I say to myself. I get up and stretch and contemplate what I should do with my extra time, “I should go for a run it’s been a couple of days’ since my last run,” I conclude. So I walk to my laundry pile ,and yes they are clean, and get dressed in some running pants, running
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Well technically it was my whole apartment but it was more of the size of a room and it was all I was able to afford and save up money for future traveling. I have been saving up and planning for a while now ever since I moved out of my parents house. Well after looking at my room I got up to get ready for the last day of school. After I got dressed I checked the time 6:30 “I got some time before I have to get to school ” I say to myself, I grab my phone and keys and walk out of my apartment into the hallway and start to walk out of the complex. As I was about to exit the building I was stopped by one of my stranger neighbors “Hey Leo, how's it going?” “Oh, Hey Kelly, it’s going good how ‘bout you?” “I’m good, just going to a friend house before I head to school. How about you what are you up to?” “Something similar, but I’m going to pick up my little brother so I can take him to school. My parents can’t do it so I have to today.” “Oh ok, well see you guys at school, later” “See ya” and she walked off in the other direction towards the other side of the parking lot. After that I just walked to my car and took

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