Personal Narrative: Moving To Colorado

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Colorado a place where there are beautiful snowy mountains and a bunch of scenery. A girl from Los Angeles, California that would be the weirdest thing to imagine for someone who grew up around beaches and warm weather all the time. That girl was me, I just learned that I was moving from sunny California to bi-polar weather Colorado. Learning that I was moving to a completely different state was one of the hardest and weirdest things for me. During the months of September and October my parents dropped a bomb on us children saying, ¨ So we are moving to Colorado for yours father 's job in a few months.¨ We were in such a state of shock that we didn’t know how to react. It took us a few days to wrap our minds around the idea of leaving all …show more content…
The bus ride wasn’t too bad I just sat there and listened to music.
After 24 hours we finally got to Colorado, it was December 1st, we stepped off the bus and was hit with the freezing winter air. The first people I saw once fully getting off the bus and getting all my belongings off was my dad and brothers. The second I laid eyes on them I ran to my big brothers because I haven’t seen them in a month.
Walking out of the station I was pelted with a bunch of snow that was falling from the sky. For me that was interesting because it was the first time I’ve ever seen snow. The first time I encountered snow was unpleasant because it was cold and it made my fingers and toes numb. Walking toward the car was miserable because I kept falling on ice and I remember my brothers crying with laughter because they thought it was the funniest
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It had a big basement which was now my oldest brother’s room. Then on the top floor has 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom. My parents had the master room, I got the second biggest room and my middle brother got the smaller room. My room was very empty and had few things in it, like a bed and a dresser with a little TV across the room. The only problem with my room was it was a bright pink box, it had pink on every wall including the ceiling, and with pink being my least favorite color I didn’t like it one bit. So I knew the first thing I needed to do before I started to unpack was have my dad repaint my room to a nice blue and

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