Shopper Program Disadvantages

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Register to read the introduction… The Frequent Shopper Program is going to be delivered to the valued customers of Kudler Fine Foods, so the risks and issues need to be as minimal as possible.

The Spiral Model offers the advantage of risks being reduced before they become problematic because they are considered at all stages of the process. This would eliminate the risks of the Frequent Shopper Program as the development progresses. By the time the shopper program reaches the testing phase, the risks should be at their ultimate minimum. As the project progresses it evolves and the errors and unattractive alternatives are eliminated early (University of Phoenix, 2001). The project is kept on track because each cycle includes a planning step to help monitor and keep track of the project.

Disadvantages of Spiral
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This will allow the software to be tested during and after each iteration, which further reduces risks and issues with the software. The developers have a more free style of working and tend to like a lot more. This provides an advantage because the developers will provide their best work and won’t feel as if they are human robots creating documentation. The customers even benefit from agile processes because they are able to provide better requirements and see the evolving product. Customer insight is a great tool to use during development, after all the Frequent Shopper Program is to be used by Kudler’s valued customers.

Disadvantages of Agile Processes

Although there are many advantages with agile processes, there are of course disadvantages too. The agile methods are readily used with smaller projects, so they tend to be a disadvantage for larger application. For the Frequent Shopper Program, this is not a disadvantage because this is a small project.

Another disadvantage is the documentation output is questionable because the documentation takes second place, and there is a question as to whether necessary documentation will ever be produced. For the Frequent Shopper Program, this is somewhat of a disadvantage, but does not necessarily have to occur. Smith Systems Consulting can address there is a need for necessary documentation to

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