Shift Work And Job Satisfaction Case Study

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Problem Statement The objective of this paper is to analyze the burden of shift work and job satisfaction among nurses in Winter Park Memorial Hospital. The study will examine the association of predictors between working long shifts and burnout to age, annual salary received, earned years of education and time spent in shift work schedules. Furthermore, the study will help identify potential strategies for improving the quality of life of shift-working nurses.

Literature Review In our society today, it is a recognized fact to work beyond the outside normal hours, stereotypically interpreted to shift work or extended days. More often than not, individuals opt to have the said schedule of work for economic reasons (Dall 'Ora, Griffiths,
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Decision: Reject the null hypothesis.

Conclusion: Years In Shift Work Schedule, Annual Income, Years of Education and Age are significant predictors on Workplace Satisfaction among nurses in Winter Park Memorial Hospital.
Implication: Job satisfaction varies with each individual and usually attributed to shift work schedule, salary, higher education and age. In order to establish a more harmonious relationship between work and life balance, it would be best that Florida Hospital nurses would be given greater control of their shift schedule for the most part to guarantee that they are still able to deliver quality of service to their patients despite the demanding activities at work.

Regression Model For Predicting Job Satisfaction =

Job Satisfaction = 49.77571 + 0.44632 * Years In Shift Work Schedule + 0.37912
* Annual Salary In Thousands - 0.16395 * Age - 0.66836 * Years Of Education

The table above indicates the outcome of the Regression
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Since the p-value is 0.03191 < .05, which reject the null hypothesis and conclude that the regression model of JOB SATISFACTION = 49.77571 + 0.44632 * YEARS IN SHIFT WORK + 0.37912 * ANNUAL SALARY IN THOUSANDS - 0.16395 * AGE - 0.66836 * YEARS OF EDUCATION is a good fit for the data. . The statistically significant independent variables that justify the reason of job satisfaction are YEARS IN SHIFT WORK SCHEDULE, ANNUAL SALARY, AGE and YEARS OF EDUCATION. Said variables are identified through the calculation of the t-statistics that went beyond the critical values and the p-values that were calculated from that point to less than the significance level of 5%. The relationship between Job Satisfaction and Years in Shift Work Schedule is positive: the greater the job satisfaction, the higher the accumulation of years spent working on shift schedule. The coefficient of 0.44632 suggests that on average, that there for every unit increase in the years spent working on extended hours would also intensify the workplace satisfaction of

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