Disadvantages Of Workaholism

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Register to read the introduction… Some people believe that workaholism involves a personal reluctance to disengage from work and a tendency to work or think about work anytime, anywhere. Hamilton and Denniss define that workaholics are those “who are driven by inner compulsion” (2005, p.12). While others define workaholism as a form of self-imposed expectation of their performance in work. According to Quick, Henley and Quick, this expectation “can be directly related to the level of psychological involvement one feels toward that role” (2005, p.39). In brief, workaholism is a psychological addiction to work and it is an illusion of needing to keep working continually.
There is no denying that overwork, to some extent, can bring benefits to companies. The most obvious effect of extended working hours is that an enterprise’s productivity can be increased. As a workaholic, in order to get promotion in the workplace, he has to work hard and overly and behave in ways that the organization demands of them (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, p.13). Certainly, the enterprise’s productivity gets
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Obviously, the more time spent on working, the less time is left for family (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, p.18) Also, after a whole day work, the energy for the family is little (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, p.18). The lack of communication with family, especially with children affects the relationship. Researchers are concerned that little communication between pairs has a close link with lower level of marital satisfaction and increasing divorce rate (Quick, Henley and Quick, 2005, p.31). Furthermore, as we all know, the communication with parents is important for children during the period of their growth. Inadequate communication is a main reason for the generation gap. According to one Australian study, most young people are dying to have more communication with parents (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, …show more content…
The suicide rate and the incidence of juvenile delinquency and violence rise gradually in recent years. Because of the competitive working environment, many people are under huge pressure and tension, as a result, some choose to kill themselves to get relieved. Similarly, many young children choose to commit a crime to alleviant their resentment in the case of lack if communication with parents and their opinion not being understood (Quick, Henley and Quick, 2005, p.31). Besides, Hamilton and Denniss argued that long and irregular working pattern breaks down the bonds holding people’s communities together. The absences of community do nothing to help people to hold a correct evaluation on their excessive work and over consumption (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, p.18), which is not beneficial for the development of our society. In addition, being preoccupied with work and not communicating with others alienates people from the rest of

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