Essay about Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

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Sexual orientation is not currently a protected characteristic under the federal civil rights law like race, gender, ethnicity, or religion is. Discrimination against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) based on gender identity or sexual orientation is an issue that affects individuals worldwide and in our community also. There are still many obstacles to receive equality that LGBT Americans are facing. Many states (including Texas) have no laws protecting employment non-discrimination that covers sexual orientation and gender identity. This means that an LGBT individual can be fired for merely just being who they are. A few other obstacles those LGBT individuals’ faces are still being denied: the use of public accommodations, the ability to give blood if sexually active, and protection against hate crime. LGBT Americans face inequality worldwide on a daily basis. This groups struggle with equality is important to me because my aunt is homosexual, and she is also fighting for equal rights.
In Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), Mr. Hardwick came home from a bar late one night and was seen by a policeman being intimate with another adult male in the bedroom of his own home. Ultimately, the Georgia policeman arrested Mr. Hardwick and his partner for violating the state’s Sodomy Law. Mr. Hardwick, claiming that this law violates his constitutional rights, sued. He challenged this law because he believed it violated his right to the Equality Clause protected under the…

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