Essay about Sexual Abuse And Domestic Violence

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Initially meeting the client, I did not know what to expect. There are always some nerves incorporated when getting a new case and knocking on a stranger’s door. I felt uncomfortable at first when meeting with the client since it was in her home and an unfamiliar place to me. During the initial meeting of the client I discussed opening paperwork with client including the rights she had. I also used the first couple meeting to build report and find out what the client wanted to focus on. After a couple of sessions, I found myself feeling restricted in the assessment. It felt uncomfortable asking the client personal questions, that she may not feel like disclosing. I felt this way in particular when it came to her mother’s past substance abuse issues and the domestic violence she encountered in her past relationship. I was able to discuss this feeling with my supervisor during supervision and she was able to give me promoting questions to go along with the assessment that could better assist me. Having the different prompting questions made me feel more comfortable on the second day of the assessment. I was then able to ask client in detail about issues I previously missed. Surprisingly, the client was very open with counseling and I feel like as the counselor it was very important to be non-judgmental. Being non-judgmental came easy to me I did not feel like I looked at her any differently after she told me some of her personal information. I also feel like validating my…

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