I Am Not Your Victim Analysis

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I am Not Your Victim In the story I am Not Your Victim by Beth Sipe the readers are able to read first hand the experiences that Beth went through while in this abusive relationship. There are many factors as to why Beth stood in the relationship and lack of support from outsiders and people who are supposed to be trusted. On more than one occasion when Beth tried calling the police they weren’t very helpful. In one instance Beth describes calling the police after an incident with Sam had occurred, “they said I had left the house, and therefore they couldn’t respond” (Sipe & Hall, p.90). Other times when Beth called about Sam threatening her they told her they couldn’t do anything unless he was already there. These types of responses from …show more content…
Before I was never able to understand how a person could stay in that kind of relationship and believe that the abuser loved them. Not only was the cycle of them breaking up and getting back together bad for them but it also affected those in my family as well. Being so proud and thankful she left him behind but then so sad and disappointed every time she went back. Since I started community college I have attended workshops about the subject and enjoyed learning about it in my classes. I feel like now I have a way better understanding of what goes in the mind of the victim and the perpetrator. I know that you can’t simply ask “But why do you stay?” its more than that. I know that its up to the victim to leave when they want to and feel safest, so being patient and understanding the victim and the cycles is all I can do a case manager. Working with the perpetrator could be hard for me especially when I know that they are being mandated and not they’re by choice. But it is very important to keep my personal feelings out of work and try my best to work the client and hopefully help them see that their actions are not

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