Sexism Runs Rampant Through Many Institutions Of Contemporary Life

1173 Words Nov 26th, 2015 null Page
Sexism runs rampant through many institutions of contemporary life. While politics, marriage, education, and athletics, being only few of many institutions plagued by sexism, I would like to focus on women’s healthcare. Women’s healthcare is often put second to men’s healthcare, as physicians neglect to recognize the biological differences between the sexes. This results in women receiving improper treatment for their symptoms or having their needs entirely neglected. Not only do these issues affect women, but also, being that females are child bearers, the lack of attention paid to female health could potentially affect the wellbeing of future children. A number of changes should be implemented in American healthcare in order to ensure the best possible treatment for both women and men, as equals.
One foundational aspect that contributes to women’s healthcare issues is the healthcare system’s failure to recognize that men and women’s bodies are not the same. Therefore, they react differently to some of the same external forces, such as a disease and sickness. “With heart disease, many cancers, immunological disorders, and HIV, women present symptoms unlike men’s and respond to different medications and dosages” (Berg 140). Because medical practitioners fail to recognize these differences, many women are improperly diagnosed or receive insufficient treatment. For example, cardiovascular disease has a high mortality rate among both men and women, but the warning signs of a…

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