Sex At Young Age Essay

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Children Should be Taught About Sex at Young Age Children need guidance, now more than ever. First and foremost, they should be educated about sex at much younger age than they were in the past, because it is a different world we live in, and children are exposed to sex at much younger age. This is mostly due to technology, and the media. Also, the environment new generations are raised in is way more sexually immoral than previous generations. More importantly, the earlier they learn the better equipped they will be to ward off sexual predators should they find themselves in that predicament, or at least know what signs to look out for. The earlier children learn about sex, the safer and more cautious they will be in their adolescence, and the later stages in their lives.
Technology and the media play a big role in children’s lives, in today’s world. This, in turn, makes them venerable to its vices especially in regards to exposing them too early to sex. According to health professionals, the part of child’s brain
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The marketing strategies that sex sells have been a growing trend, more than ever as of late. These images or sound bites that the children are exposed to, too early on can play a big role in influencing their decisions. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion in the child’s way of thinking. Leading them to believe that sexuality, and its practices are the norm. Such misguided outlooks are the leading cause of consequences like; early teen pregnancy, the transmission of STD’s among teens, and the sort. Educating children early on why things are sexualized for marketing purposes through sexual education could help ease this confusion, and set them on the right track. Instead of ignoring it, or putting it on the back burner, thinking the children are too young to understand the information they come across. It is better to address the issue early on with tenacity and

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