Essay Service Learning At This Medium Church

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This is my second time to do service learning at this medium church, Mount Hope United Methodist Church. The church itself locates at the corner of East Mount Hope Avenue cross with South Cedar St. My role here stills same that every Wednesday I have to tutoring one on one with kids and eating a meal with them. However, this time I have to work with new youth coordinator Mrs. Benth St. John as previous youth coordinator Mrs. Colleen Treman has retried. Mrs. Benth is very kind and friendly person; my colleague and me have a great time with her.
It has many reasons why I chose to come here again. Firstly, I already know some stuff about this church. Secondly, this place also the place where I learn the feeling of becomes a giver, and the feeling of willing to help other. I do carry these attitudes with me everywhere I go. So that when I go back to my hometown in Thailand, I had a chance to teach disabled kids, and that it is a great experience for me.
Generally speaking, this time I have more confident in myself as a tutor compare to the first time I be here. The reason behind this was I had gained some experience from my previous service learning at here, and from the Bangkok school of Blinds. For example, last time when I face a problem during my tutoring I become a panic person because I don’t know what I need to do. This time I also face a problem but instead of panic I made myself more clam and always think how I am going to solve this problem. It likes you play sports,…

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