Service Encounter At Verizon Wireless Essay

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Service Encounter at Verizon Wireless
Service Script
1. Call Verizon Wireless customer service to determine whether you are eligible to upgrade my phone, tablet, or other product on you or another family member’s wireless phone line.
2. If you are eligible for an upgrade, you need find the closest location by visiting and typing in your zip code.
3. Search online for a phone that may interest you, and read about technical details about the device and user reviews.
4. On the day that you want to go purchase the new device, make sure you have your identification, account information, and payment method so that the sales association will be able to assist you.
5. Drive to Verizon Wireless that is located on 2nd Avenue in Kearney, NE. You should go during a time when traffic will be slower because wait time can increase as the workday ends.
6. When you get to the location, find a parking spot located at the same property.
7. Walk through the front door and you will get greeted by an employee that will ask you what the visit is for.
8. Disclose to the employee that you are at Verizon Wireless because you had called customer service to determine if you were eligible for a phone upgrade. They said that you were.
9. Tell them your name, account or phone number, and the password so that they can get check the information.
10. Walk around and play with items that you had previously searched online about to determine whether you would like it or not…

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