Serial Killer : Serial Killers Essay

1941 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
“Serial killers,” those two words alone are one of the most horrifying title you could ever give someone. Serial killers are some of the most messed up people who have ever been on this earth. Serial killers are known as psycho human being. Serial killers are known for what they did to they’re victims. I believe serial killers are the scariest people in the whole universe. One reason is they kill more than three people at a time. Second, serial killers may rape or sexually assault victims before killing them. Third, serial killers have also eaten their victims. Fourth, Serial killers would make themselves happy by killing people and seeing them suffer, such as a sense of enjoyment. The last reason, is serial killers are known worldwide for what they have done to people such as: John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. The entitlement of “serial killer,” comes from the word series(a certain number of things done, after each other.) The definition of serial killer is, “someone who murders 3 people one at a time.” Many serial killers have killed more than 3 people in their lifetimes the highest victim is 300 and that was achieved by Pedro Alonso Lopez. Serial killers are known as murders, but they are actually more than just murders. Serial killers are rapists and usually would sexually assault victims before killing them. John Wayne Gacy would have young men give him sexual pleasant, telling the young men that if they would do this to him, that he would give them money. John…

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