Analysis Of Bernard Roth 'The Achievement Habit'

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“Reasons are bullshit” (Roth 41), there are infinite reasons for anything and we choose the one reason that is the most socially acceptable. This quote is from The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth. Roth is the Rodney H. Adams Professor of Engineering and the academic director of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the at Stanford University. He has created courses that allow students to directly gain understanding and experience about personal issues that matter to them. In this chapter Roth is focusing on the idea that you don’t need reasons, they mean nothing, they mean bullshit. In the first chapter Roth talks about how nothing is what you think it is, nothing has meaning unless you give it meaning. By always having an open mind towards everything. …show more content…
Throughout the book Roth has a sense of authority as he is a Professor from Stanford, giving him the image of a teacher. With these connotations we sense authority towards him as we all have had teacher that we get authority from. By sharing his own personal experiences with the reader and putting himself and the reader on the same level, a sense of trust is created. This trust is created from the the reader understanding that Roth has gone through the same experiences they are going through and that if he can get through it, they can too. Roth’s word choice and tone were appropriate for his audience of teens and adults, with swear words becoming the social norm. Also his tone of being straight to the point is easy to understand. Furthermore, Roth appears knowledgeable from his context of being a teacher, by his style of writing and knowing how the reader thinks. Having his experience of using reasons and learning from them, helps him relate to the reader. Therefore, using ethical appeals, Roth is knowledgeable about how to overcome the use of

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