Sensation And Perception Study

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A study has been conducted based on sensation and perception. Sensation describes how our senses collect information and send it to the brain while perception is described as the organization of our sense receptors in the brain. Humans learn perception while sensation is about something that one senses. A vast amount of information is being sensed at one time and one does not recognize the slightest change. The lowest amount of energy to identify a sense is known as the absolute threshold. While, the smallest amount of energy added or taken away to notice a change is known as the difference threshold.
The study that has been done was to show the absolute threshold and difference threshold. The study conducted was on three different people
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At twenty feet away, she could not hear the clock, so I began moving her forward six inches at a time till her threshold was found. By the time she was a little over sixteen feet, she was slightly able to hear the clock, but noticed a difference around fourteen and a half feet away. Subject B, Jonathan, participated in the experiment next. He began the experiment on the tape, marked at twenty foot line. At the marked line, Jonathan could not hear the ticking of the clock. After moving forward six inches at a time, his absolute threshold was met at around eighteen and a half feet and he noticed the ticking of the clock becoming slightly louder at around seventeen feet away. Lastly, Subject C, Peyton, also started at the twenty foot mark, and he finally met his threshold at about sixteen feet. He noticed a change in the stimulus around fifteen feet away from the clock. After the experiment, I was very surprised with the results. I had expected my younger brother Peyton, Subject C, to have the best hearing instead of Jonathan. My findings show that Stephanie …show more content…
Stephanie works in a loud environment at a local factory; however, Peyton only listens to loud music and worked has worked as a mechanic his entire life. My husband, Jonathan, does not work in a loud environment. He works as a framer building houses. Beforehand, my husband, Jonathan, knew about the experiment while Stephanie and Peyton knew very little. In turn, Jonathan could have been listening for the sound and could have thought he heard the ticking of the clock sooner. I realize age did not have much effect on the results of the hearing test, but the environment that an individual works in does have an effect. I believe genetics could also have had an effect on the results because Stephanie and Peyton are mother and son. I really challenged myself with this experiment, but my results were not what I

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