Essay on Senior Year The Most Fun Year

1050 Words Sep 6th, 2015 null Page
Senior year…the most fun year according to all my elders, the most stressful year according to my teachers, but for me, it has been an amazingly reflective year thus far. Every essay or assignment so far has asked me to analyze my perspective looking forward, backward, inward, globally, etc… At first, the process of deep analysis into my psyche about who I want to be and where I have been felt scary and daunting so I ran as fast as I could to my Momma! Of course, she proceeded to cry uncontrollably as she whaled, “My baby boy is going to leave me and never come back. You know you used to give me the best hugs when you were little all the time without me asking!” As a good son I did start giving more hugs, unfortunately the crying still has not ceased yet. This has given us many opportunities to have a lot of great “remember when” conversations over the past few months which has helped us not only become closer, but remember how much we love each other and how important family is to us. Ironically, this particular essay evoked some of the strongest, most memorable memories that my Momma and I shared, and they all surround our county libraries.
When I first read the prompt, I honestly expected that I would pick the Police or Fire Department because honestly they are probably the most dominant and influential when you need them due to an emergency. However, when I sat down to try to write the essay, I could not defend my argument with substantial reasoning. As you…

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