Semi Structured Interviews On Student Success Essay

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In order to gather data onto the study, semi-structured interviews were conducted with elementary school teachers, parents and students. All participants were asked questions pertaining to homework to get a clear understanding of the benefits and/or impact on student success. Semi-structured interviews allowed for deviation from questions per the interviewer and explore the topic more in-depth (Houser, 2014, p. 235). The questions ask of the participants were both closed and open ended. Open ended questions allowed the participants to respond openly and to allow for elaboration when required. Interviews with participants ranged from 45 to 60 minutes with each session being audio recorded. Teachers were asked the following questions to obtain a better understanding of the topic. What is the impact (if any) of homework on student academic success? How much science homework is students assigned on a daily basis? What is the required time should a student spent on the assignment nightly? How is student assignment evaluated? Are students encouraged to be creative or do they have to abide by the directions provided? How much of assigned homework is in relation to exams/test administered? Does homework assignment determine how a student will perform on a test or exam? What is the students’ attitude when assigned homework? Does all students complete assignments? What is the parent’s attitude to homework assignment being sent home? What is the district’s policy on homework?…

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