Essay on Selling Themselves : The Emergence Of Canadian Advertising

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Selling Themselves: The Emergence of Canadian Advertising was written in 2001 by Russell Johnston, an associate professor at Brock University. Johnston’s book provides an overview of the history of advertising in Canada. The text covers key events and milestones in the Canadian publishing industry from 1850 to 1930. This book outlines the way in which this field transformed from an under-appreciated trade with a poor reputation to a well-respected enterprise. In his work, Johnston (2001) argues that the development of the advertising trade changed the way media texts, such as periodicals, journals, and newspapers, were written. Johnston (2001) suggests that media texts which were once shaped around content evolved to be constructed around the advertisements featured in them; publishers aimed to appeal to consumers, not readers. While his book consults various data sources and offers information on many different aspects of the advertising trade, his failure to acknowledge regions outside of Toronto and Montreal depicts a narrow view of the emergence of advertising, rather than a national view.
The first chapter of the book sets the tone for the text; it addresses the emergence of advertising agencies and the various roles in the field, which include advertisers, publishers, and agents. Johnston (2001) discusses the way in which publishers began to recognize the benefit of producing media messages targeted to specific demographics. Chapter two explores the role of the ad…

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