selling and sales management Essay

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Select one company in your country or region that has a sales force. The company and/or the sales force can be real or a composite of several situations that you have heard or read about, or experienced. Apply principles that you have learnt in this subject to that company’s sales function to judge its effectiveness about:

- How well it fits into marketing and other parts of an organization; intelligence gathering is included within this function.

- How well it knows how consumers and organizations behave when buying goods and services.

- How well it knows and develops skills for two sales techniques such personal selling, key account management, relationship selling, direct marketing and Internet and IT
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This information when forwarded to the marketing department, in accordance to an email sent by the lecturer, can assist the company in implementing the right strategy that will compete with its competitors in a timely manner.


At Rentokil Trinidad, because there are a number of important differences in emphasis between consumer and organisation buying that has important implications for the marketing of goods and services, the sales department at the company is broken into two sections, residential and commercial as seen in Appendix 1. These sub-divisions of the sales department comprise of specialised sales people who targets and study these buyers’ behaviours.

3.1 The Consumer Buyer

When studying the company’s B2C (business to consumer) buyers, the salespeople focuses on firstly who makes the buying decision. The company trains it salespersons to indentify the decider, the individual with the power and/or financial authority to make the ultimate choice regarding which product to buy (Jobber & Lancaster 2012). They believe that the decider is the only person that is importance of closing the sale. They also know how important it is to explain to the consumer the need of the product. As for pest control and other

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