Essay on Self Reflection : Mr. Mcgee 's Class

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Self-Reflecting is never an easy task, no matter who you are. Usually, individuals always focus on the bad that they have done, rather than the good. There is usually always more good than bad but human nature makes us feel like we have to point out the bad instead of the good, which is sad. Throughout my year in Mr. McGee 's class, I have completed what seems to be a never ending list of work, and I always seemed to be up into the wee hours of the night, or morning, finishing up annotations, or writing my essay to make sure I it finished on time. Self-Evaluation is something that is a hard task for many people, but when it is done, there are times that it makes you feel better about yourself. This year, I have done an abundance of good things, but I have also done quite a bit of things that I could definitely do better. Not only that, but there are many things that I didn 't have the chance to do this year, and would have loved to do.

To begin, there are many things that I could have improved in while I was in school this year. The first thing I could have improved in this year was my awesome procrastination skills. I never seem to want to do anything or get anything done until the night before it is due when I am supposed to be sleeping. The bad thing about that is I never get any sleep, but the bright side to procrastination is that I don 't have to do any homework until the night before and can do whatever I want until the night before. But, that still is not…

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