Self Reflection In My Life

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My entire life I always self-reflect. I constantly asked myself why am I the way that I am, how did I turn out to be the person I am today, and why do I do the things I do. Like David, my teachers would make comments that I am smart but lazy. It was true. I never did my homework and never studied. I would just listen to the teacher’s lectures and do the classwork. I would pass the exams, but since the grades are calculated with more than just test grades, I would make C’s and D’s. In high school, it was the same. The only difference was the teachers did not give out homework because they knew the majority of the class would not complete it. They also gave us plenty of time in the class to complete any projects or assignments. I was still able …show more content…
I need to teach myself how to study. I learned the best way for me to study and learn the material is to simply put pen to paper. I needed to make sure I take detailed notes. Even if the teacher provided the notes on a printout, I needed to rewrite the notes as my way of studying for the exams. I also learned that I have a hard time focusing on one task. If I am not interested in the topic, my mind starts to wonder off while I read, and I did not absorb any of the information. Putting pen to paper would keep me focus and forced me to read word by word. I was able to absorb more information and recall it on the …show more content…
I worked 40 hours a week at a gas station. I was an assistant manager, so I would be on call 24/7. It gave me little time to do my work, and I had a problem focusing on my studies. I was taking four classes and had many assignments due around at the same time. I also wanted to have a fuller social life. I was going out every weekend which left less time for my studies. Not having much time and being a procrastinator really hurt me.
When I got stress, I would withdraw. I would be afraid of failing, so I did not want to show up to class or take the exams. Most of the time there was no need to worry. I would have passed more classes if I would have failed an exam with a 50 than a 0. Having many assignments due at once and working in a stressful environment affected me physically. I was getting migrants and got dizzy. I was unable to focus and read. It was like my mind was shutting down because of the stress.
Now I have a clear goal of what I want to be. I also have a job that does not require me to work many hours and work double shifts. I am only taking one class which leaves me more time to do my classwork. If I disciple myself to complete the classwork as soon as possible, I would not stress as much. I can take breaks and relax and not drive myself crazy because an assignment is due in a few hours. If I stay focus on my goals and do my best, I will

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