Summary: Seidman Internship Program

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Seidman Internship Program

Internship Log Sheets
Log Sheets 8/29 to 9/15
Anh Pham
Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
Hours worked: 30
Total accumulated hours*: 150
1. Summary of duties performed over the past two weeks (2 paragraphs minimum). Discuss work performed, major accomplishments, training received, and current projects:
In the past 2 weeks, I have received training from my manager about how to organize and manage each step toward Children Art Festival. During this 2 weeks, she gave me some previous projects that she has already done, therefore, I can have a look at how to combine what I learned from my previous class and apply it to the real life. Major accomplishment that I had for the first 2 weeks at Grand Rapid Children’s Museum
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She suggested me to list out my ideas then organize it, so I can easily work on my project. I learned how to use Photoshop as well as do research about other museums Halloween events. Additionally, I also need to do research about what other museums do to arouse customers and what special deals that they have right now. GRCM is wondering whether they should have one more night for family with special price. The reason behind this is because some family might not have time to come on Thursday when GRCM offers discount for family. For my management major, it would be really helpful because researching is one of very first step that a manager should know in order to give decision. The major goal is increasing the profit without breaking the kids’ …show more content…
For me, being in manger major require understanding about all the aspects within an organization. Hence, using Photoshop is literally a must-know for my major. People might see as a requirement dot Marketing major, however, I think manager major also need to know it. Understand what each department within organization is doing is better for decision making. In the next few weeks of this internship, I would like to attend the staff meeting so I can understand how and organization come up with ideas which will be turned out to be the real project. I would love to know more about how my manger make decision by communicating and combing each of her employees’

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