Steinhafel Internship Summary

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During this summer, I had the opportunity to work at local furniture retailer Steinhafels in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This internship was designed to expose participants to the many aspects of Steinhafel’s business, including sales, delivery, merchandising, vendor relations, and other various corporate functions. Throughout the duration of the internship, we would be exposed to various managers and go through the exact same training Steinhafels provides its full-time employees.
Week One: Training Week one consisted mostly of training and orientation sessions led by Steinhafel’s management and sales team. Not only did we get orientated to Steinhafels as a company, we got full training on the products and services Steinhafels offers as well as
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The event, known within the organization as Vendor Fair, is a three day event involving corporate training sessions and information provided by many of the various vendors whom Steinhafel’s deals with. Some of the corporate training sessions included information from Dale Carnegie Training representatives and a lesson in improvisation from a representative from Comedy Sports, a professional improve team. Overall, I think this event was again another example of how Steinhafels viewed me and the other interns as potential assets to the organization and no different than any of their other employees. These training sessions were not a cheap expense for the organization, and the fact the company was willing to pay for a group of interns to experience that level of training showed me that they were pleased with our progress so far and saw the value in investing in their own employees.
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Since the Memorial Day sale we had during the beginning of the internship, the Fourth of July sales marked the largest amount of traffic we saw in the store. By this time in the internship, I had already been able to hone in my sales skills using the advice my general manager and other salespeople had given me during my previous weeks on the floor. Due to this, I ended up with better results than I did on the Memorial Day weekend. This week would be one that would help boost my motivation to finish out the last couple of weeks of the

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