Essay about The Scouting Administrator For The Baltimore Orioles

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I was lucky enough to interview Brad Ciolek the scouting administrator for the Baltimore Orioles. Brad and I had our discussion on the phone over fall break, which lasted about 30-40 minutes. Mr.Ciolek told me that after playing high school baseball, he decided that he enjoyed baseball so much that he wanted to attempt to make a career out of it. While discussing his professional life with me, I found out that Brad attained this position through interning with the Orioles in 2011; briefly leaving the organization and returning in 2013 when a job opening presented itself. Mr. Ciolek is very important to the Orioles organization due to the fact that he is in charge of roughly 700 players scouting reports each year. From the time that I was able to spend talking to Mr. Ciolek I learned a few different things. First, he enlightened me just how important and difficult his job is as a scouting administrator. The amount of organization he has to have to keep up and maintain 700 scouting reports was a much larger number than I expected. Continuing on, I did not realize that the baseball industry uses SQL databases. Particularly, this I found to not only be a point that I learned from but also since I took some classes that involved SQL in high school, potentially something that could help me stand out to baseball organizations since I have prior experience. Getting myself acclimated with face to face interaction with meeting players, other scouts and even coaches is sort of the…

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