Hrm 531 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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1. Find a job you could obtain with the degree that I am pursuing by clicking on the links in the Career Overview website. Follow the links until you find the median salary.
I found an Accounting and Auditor Salary job the median annual salary in a job like this is $54,600.00 (Web, Oct. 9th, 2015).
2. Break down salary to a monthly income. Approximately ¼ of my income will be deducted for various taxes. Calculate your monthly income after taxes. Include this information in your summary in question #3. My monthly income would be $4,500.00 before taxes. My monthly income after taxes would $3375.00 taking out ¼ for taxes.
3. Below, included a one-page typed summary covering the following: Job description including typical work environment and
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I have been going to school and working for this for about 3 years now. I feel that once I am done with school I can focus on finding a good accounting job and then save more money to purchase a business. By getting an accounting job that makes me more money I will be able to save. I feel there are a lot of good accounting jobs out there after researching the internet. In an accounting financial services, the need for well-qualified talent has become increasingly important. Banks, credit unions, investment firms and public accounting firms are investing in human capital to meet increasing customer demand, much of which is generated by the country’s aging population. A shortage of new qualified talent with the background, certifications and real-life experience required to be highly successful in these roles will continue to be a growing challenge within these industries. Job seekers who possess in-demand skill sets and certifications should understand how their credentials help position them for a higher salary. Companies and candidates alike need to understand the market, take advantage of the contingent workforce and establish strategic partnerships to be successful. Take a closer look at the current conditions for the national finance and accounting job market and its top three most-in-demand jobs for 2015 (Web Nov 10th, 2015). With the research I have done I feel there are a high demand for this career path that I am taking. …show more content…
“I see many firms in the U.S. establishing ‘next generation councils’ and empowering them to research issues that they would like to see the firm implement”. “This is the kind of cultural activities that will keep innovation moving inside CPA firms (Web Oct 10th, 2015).” I think that with technology getting better that it will give the accounting more advantages and make things easier. It will open up way more opportunity in the future. With technology getting better all the time I see in the future that I will be able to work at any time, any place and from anywhere. I see tools such as cloud-connected smartphones and tablets will enable firms to provide clients with an "accountant in their pocket" at all

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