Argumentative Essay On The Tipping System

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As someone who makes his living on mostly tips it might sound obvious that I don’t want the tipping system banned, but there are a lot of people out there that think it should be. People argue that tipping is unreliable and unpredictable and that an hourly fixed rate would be better for servers. The truth is that tipping is not as unpredictable as people think and is actually much better for servers than a fixed hourly rate
As a delivery driver, I have noticed a pretty big difference between the quality of my service and how much people tip. If I get there early people normally give me a better tip, and if I’m really late, I’ll get a smaller tip or no tip at all. The same thing happens with waiters and waitresses in restaurants, better service
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Starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday. On Thursday I worked for four and a half hours, and made 75 dollars in tips. On Friday I worked three and a half hours and made 61 dollars. On Saturday I worked four hours and made 59 dollars. On Sunday I worked for 4 hours and made 40 dollars. So, in total, just on tips, in one weekend I made 235 dollars. I also worked a total of 16 hours, if an estimated one third of that was in the store, then I made an hourly total of $87.45. Making my total earning for one weekend $322.45. If pizza hut paid me one fixed hourly rate of 7.50, I would have only made $120. With no tips, I would have also been less likely to care about what people thought of my service, and not have done the best job I could, because there was no chance of me getting a …show more content…
An hourly pay rate would actually do more harm than good. With no incentive to work hard and get a good tip, servers might not work as hard and give customers the best possible experience. In an interview with restaurant servers “They all strongly agreed that overall service quality would drop precipitously if their tip income were replaced with a fixed hourly wage” (McKenzie 2). I just make sense to keep the tipping system.
There is actually a current law that states that businesses don’t have to pay their servers minimum wage. So, if tipping was removes there would have to be a whole new law drafted. There would also have to be tests conducted to see how this would affect our economy. It would be an incredibly difficult ordeal, that just wouldn’t be worth it in the end. A no tip system would just not be right for the America economy.
This is why I think the tipping system should stay how it is. Removing would lower server moral, and motivation, increase prices and lead to an overall worse customer experience. If you ask almost any server in the industry they will tell you that they much prefer a tipping system, against a no tip system. So, listen to the people that this will affect the most, and take their word for it. The tipping system in America should stay how it

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