Seeking A Graduate Degree At First Glance Essay

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Humble Beginnings Deciding to seek a graduate degree is a task that, at first glance, was a monumental decision. To start, just beginning as an undergraduate student was a dream that no one could have imagined. My beginnings were modest, raised by a single mother, graduating high school in rural Arizona, and joining the United States Army to get out of what I like to refer to as “The Marana Rut.” Described as a life stuck within the farming or construction industries, being married young with many children, “The Marana Rut” was a lifestyle that I knew I had to break out of. I could not afford a college education, nor was I prepared for its rigorous tasks. However, through maturity, world travel, and a support system that I found within the military, I found myself back in Arizona as the first person in my family to attempt university education.
Military Life Living far from home had become normal. At the young age of eighteen, I signed my life away and was sent to train for the United States Army. East Asia was my first stop following training, with a culture shock living in South Korea. Not only was I on a completely different continent, but the Army culture of the area was one of non-stop training; the morning I turned nineteen, I was completing a five-mile ruck march. My year in South Korea was filled with learning: I had a chance to teach an elementary English class, I performed my job as a helicopter mechanic, and was even assigned the role of Squad Leader. Looking…

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