Security Processes And The Implementation Of A Feedforward Control System

1137 Words Dec 5th, 2016 5 Pages
After the events of September 11th, airport security came under incredible scrutiny, then led to the creation of Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA was created to shore up the security in Americas airports, by creating universal security procedures throughout all of our airports. This essay will focus on more efficient security processes, and the implementation of a feedforward control system. First, we will discuss if it is possible to maintain airport security, without compromising efficiency. When talking about the TSA, it is not unusual to hear complaints regarding long lines, and overly invasive searches. We can all agree that airport security is incredibly important, and we all accept a certain degree of inconvenience. In my opinion the current system is not efficient and is more an illusion of security, than actual effective security methods. A recent audit of current TSA methods yielded a 95% failure rate for detecting weapons (Michaeleson. 2016). At Sky Harbor here in Phoenix, the process begins with showing a TSA agent your boarding pass and identification. Then you place your shoes, jacket, and any personal items in a basket so they can go thru an x-ray machine. While your items are being scanned each passenger has the choice to either be scanned by a device that produces a virtual nude image, or an invasive pat search by a TSA agent. Passengers are also chosen randomly to undergo enhanced screening, consisting of an invasive pat search and…

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