Sec 10k Paper & Presentation

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SEC 10-K Paper:
Access the most recent SEC 10-K filing of a publically traded company. Verify your company has inventory and accounts receivable (trade receivable is acceptable). The company must sell a tangible product (not services). Do not select hotels, financial services, or other service oriented businesses.
Post the name of your company in the SEC 10-K conference for approval. You must select a company that has not been previously selected so everyone has a different company. You will post comments about your company as we discuss the financial statements, inventory methods, accounts receivable, bad debts and other topics. The posting process will assist you in writing the paper.
Use your own words. Do not copy and paste
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You are required to post your SEC 10-K presentation in the SEC 10-K Discussion Conference no later than 10/4/2015 (I will post this as a future Conference Discussion Posting). Post comments on the work of at least one other student so everyone has a minimum of one set of comments (I will post this as a future Conference Discussion Posting). After our discussion week, make any changes you wish to your SEC 10-K presentation and submit the file in the assignment folder no later than 10/6/2015.
Please contact me if any questions arise on the SEC 10-K project (paper and presentation). Do not discuss the concept of the statement of cash flows (this is part of ACCT 221). Limit your paper to topics from our class plus a brief description of your company (what do they make, where are there headquarters, in what state are they chartered, etc.). The first page of the SEC 10-K document is very helpful. The financial statements are generally in section 8 of the SEC 10-K. Following the official financial statements you will find the Notes to the Financial Statements. This is the location of details on bad debts and inventory methods. You can 'search' the SEC 10-K. Most students save the pdf file to their desk top for

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