Scuba Diving Is A Dangerous Sport Reserved For Thrill Seekers

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Recreational Scuba Diving is a popular sport that people have been practicing for decades. While almost completely self-regulated, the sport has an excellent safety record that has only improved with the technological advancement of equipment and safety procedures. Every day people across the planet enjoy traveling under the waves where they see another world with strange, foreign creatures. In a world where we only protect what we value, it helps to have as many people as possible come to value what covers 70 percent of the earth’s surface. In order for that to happen, we must dispel the myth that scuba is a dangerous, extreme sport reserved for thrill seekers. There are three basic elements that help define recreational scuba diving as a safe sport: the incredible reliability of modern, well maintained open scuba equipment; the small statistical chance of major injury across a large population of divers, and the advancements in technology that make diving safer. Modern, open scuba equipment has amazing reliability when maintained as directed. The basic principles of open scuba equipment have remained the same since the early sixties, but modern materials have helped considerably. Materials such as impact resistant polymers and corrosion resistant metals like chrome plated brass and titanium have made the failure rates extremely low. The regulator you breathe out of is rebuilt every year to check if there is anything wrong with it or if any parts need to be…

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